Ladies Conference: Registration Open

Ladies, we are excited to share that registration is now open for the Ladies Conference 2021. 
In 2019 we held our Regional Ladies Conference that was transformational to all the wonderful ladies who joined us. We believe that this Mother’s Day weekend our ladies will have time to step away for a few hours to be refreshed and renewed on your special weekend.
Do not miss the 2021 Regional Ladies Conference on May 8th, 2021! 


1st Wednesday- Pastor Dustin

This Wednesday night is 1st Wednesday! 1st Wednesday is a night of Worship and Word to refresh and renew your week.
To kick us off, we are excited to have Pastor Dustin Atkins with us. Pastor Dustin is no stranger to Community Church. He served as our youth pastor for several years and the Lord truly blessed His ministry and our youth during his time. Pastor Dustin now serves as Campus Pastor of Life Church.
Our adults and youth will join together for this dynamic time.
Join us this Wednesday night at 7:00 PM in the sanctuary.


Easter 2021

Come Experience Easter at Community Church! 

Easter is always a special time of the year and the most important celebration we have each year. Celebrating our Risen Savior and the sacrifice of His life in death for us. What Love Jesus has for us! 

We always seek to make Easter special for our guests and our church family. This year is no exception. We will have a power-filled time of worship that this year will include worship of communion. Pastor Josh will be sharing a special Easter Word that will impact not only the unsaved, or our guests, but everyone. We will also have an area for families to gather for their Easter family photos and we will be providing printed versions the following Sunday for each one. 

Community Kids will be having a special Easter Celebration as well. Once our kids arrive and sign in they will go back to our Kid’s Church for a mix of music, games, cotton candy, an Easter lesson, crafts, and more. After service, everyone will gather to watch our Kids have their Easter Egg Hunt. 


Do not miss anything this Easter! We are believing in a special and life-changing day as Christ tears away everything that keeps us from a full life in Christ. 


Spring 2021 Events


“You are Loved” Groups

We are preparing to launch our Groups for the spring unlike any we have done before. We are heading the call of the Lord to a “Revival of Love” by centering every group around acts of love. These “You are Loved” Groups will come together as groups no larger than 20-25 to share about their opportunities to love, to pray for one another, and lastly but most importantly to go love on others as a group. These “You are Loved” Groups will find small acts of kindness and love they can do. This can range from mowing a yard to preparing a meal, to washing a car and anything else the groups can imagine doing to say “You are Loved.”

If you are ready to step out and begin to love like never before then sign up to lead a group this Sunday. Get ready we are about to see God’s Spirit work through this body like never before as we obey His call to Love like never before.
Heart of “You are Loved” Groups
The heart of the “You are Loved” Groups comes from our call this year of the Lord. In 2021 the Lord has called us to love greater than anything else we do. Our world all the way down to our community is in need of something that can unify us and bring our hearts back to what the Lord calls us to do and be His Children. That thing is nothing short of the very identity of Christ, Love. We are called to a Revival greater than anything we have ever imagined. A “Revival of Love!” Pastor Josh has shared for four weeks on the heart of this call from God’s Word, only scratching the surface of what is fully in God’s Word.

This call to a “Revival of Love” is more than a service or a series of teaching, but something we must put into action. We want to hear and obey the voice of the Spirit by not only accepting this call individually and as families but in our church schedule and activities. We are heading the voice of the Spirit by enacting acts of love and kindness through the “You are Loved” cards and now the groups for our spring session.


Annual Report 2021

Each year we hold A Vision Sunday or Night of Vision to celebrate the blessings of God for the previous year. We also look into the heart of God for our local church family for the new year.
We present the entire congregation with the Annual Report that included financial statements for 2020  and a budget for 2021. However, greater than any financial number is the many ways God blessed in 2020 in spite of a very unusual year. We sense God speaking into 2021 with three points of direction. 
Please feel free to download a PDF copy of the 2021 Annual Report for Community Church at Hackleburg.
CLICK HERE: 2021 Annual Report


A Special Day with Special Guest

Do not miss this Sunday morning for a special day at Community Church.
We are excited to have the Kirby family ministering with us this weekend. Too many of our church family, the Kirby’s are not new and to others, they may be. They have served in ministry in many roles and places over the years. From youth pastoring a large youth group in Florida, to helping lead a school of ministry here in Alabama, the Kirby’s have served with passion, excellence, and a drive to see the lost come into a relationship with Christ and His Church.

Sister Tracy will join in with our worship team using her gifts and passions to help lead God’s people into His presence. Brother Tommy will use his great gifts to uniquely share God’s Word with us. Be ready to worship and to go into God’s Word for a timely and important day in God’s plan for our church. 

Invite someone to join you with worship starting at 10:00 AM.


Fall Connect Groups 2020

Are you ready to Connect with your church family this fall? Are you looking to connect with other believers? 
Get Connected by joining a Fall Connect Group. Join one or more. Here is a full list of our Fall Groups.



Bible Study: Corinthians and Revelation

Wednesday’s @ 7:00pm

Group Leaders: Daryl Weatherly and Charlotte Dollar

Charlotte and Daryl rotate teaching from Corinthians and then Revelation. You will enjoy the applicable guidance of Corinthians and what is to come and why God gave us Revelations. This group enjoys great teaching and an opportunity for questions and discussion at the pace of the group.


“Letters to the Church”

Wednesday’s @ 7:00pm

Group Leaders: Rick and Cindy Rowan

Sit with Pastor Francis Chan and be reminded that you are a part of something much bigger than yourself, something sacred. In his most powerful book yet, Chan digs deep into biblical truth, reflects on his own failures and dreams, and shares stories of ordinary people God is using to change the world.


Couples Group (Online Option if requested)

Wednesday’s @ 7:00pm

Group Leaders: Ronnie and Cynthia Stidham

Each week couples will gather to be encouraged in a short lesson and discussion about family, marriage, and life. Join other couples as we seek to connect to our spouse and live our faith out in all of life.


Refuge Youth Connect Groups

Wednesday’s @ 7:00pm

Have ever read your Bible and felt like there was more there than what you were getting? Have you wanted to dig a little deeper into Scripture but didn’t know where to start? Well, that is exactly what we are doing on Wednesday nights as we walk through Paul’s instructions to the church in 1st & 2nd Timothy. Join us as we hang out and study His Word together.


Online Women’s Group

Facebook Group with a Live on Monday’s 7:00 PM

Group Leader: Darlene Vice

This group is for women age 14 and up and we will be using a book by Jennie Allen entitled “Get Out of Your Head.“ This book helps us to examine toxic thoughts and other destructive thoughts that hold us captive, and teaches us how to submit our minds to Christ so that we are no longer victims, longer feel overwhelmed and helpless but empowered to make a difference in the kingdom of God. You can watch live or through the week and interact through the week as well.


Smashing Some Clay: Men’s Skeet Shooting

Thursday’s @ 6:00pm- Pavilion

Group Leader: Greg Stidham

Men join us for Smashing Some Clay. There will be a short devotion and then we will shoot some clay targets. 


BRAVE: High School Ladies

Tuesday’s @ 7:00pm at Cynthia’s Home

Group Leader: Cynthia Stidham

Join with other high school young ladies as we navigate these teen years and support each other. Sister Cynthia will guide the group through the book “Radiant” by Priscilla Shirer.


Golf Group

Sunday afternoons

Group Leader: Kenny Hallmark

Enjoy the fall weather playing golf and in fellowship. We are planning on playing on: October 4th, 18th, November 1st, 15th, and December 6th.


Fall Connect Group Sign-Up

It is Connect Group Time! We have all kind of Connect Groups to get involved in this fall. From on campus to off site you have ways to connect. You can join on a sign up sheet in the lobby today and next Sunday.
You can also go to our online Connect Group Central.You can read and learn more about each one from what they will be doing, how often they will meet. If you have any questions, please let us now. 


Movie Night

Lights Camera Action! 
Hey, Church family and friends we want you to mark your calendars for a night of fellowship and fun. We are looking to enjoy a good family movie together on September 13th. We are expecting to start a little after 7:00 PM (if the sun follows the sunset forecast). We may even have a few surprises before we start. Load up your vehicle with snacks and chairs and come on out. You can sit in your car, in the bed of your truck, or pull up a lounge chair (social distance safe!) and hang out with your church family.
One more thing, while we want to spend time with our church family, this is such a great time to invite someone to join us. Maybe they do not go to church, are not saved, or just need a time out, take the time and invite them. You will be surprised at how many will join you.