Ladies Conference 2022

We want to invite the ladies from around the area to join us for a very special One Night Ladies Conference on Friday, May 13, 2022.
We are excited to have Sister Elaine Love as our Conference Minister. Sister Elaine has served for12 years as the Women’s Ministry leader of the state of Florida. She is the co-pastor of Punta Gorda, Florida, and an ordained minister. Elaine has spoken in many conferences and services as a women’s ministry leader. She has the heart to serve and see ladies be touched by God.
Please register for this FREE night!. Registration will begin at 5:30 PM and a meal will begin at 6:00 PM along with some door prizes. We will have a time of testimony, worship, and a timely Word just for you ladies.
To help us prepare for you, please pre-register by using the link below. The night is free, but we will receive an offering if you would like to bless our guest  and Conference expenses.
We encourage all of our ladies within driving distance to set aside everything else for this wonderful evening- for One Night. Already in our planning God has been answering prayers and preparing what we sense to be a precious and intimate time with the Lord.
Registration and check-in will begin at 5:30 PM
Dinner and door prizes will be at 6:00 PM
Service (Worship, testimonies, and the Word) @7:00 PM
Community Church at Hackleburg
9700 State Hwy 172
Hackleburg, AL 35564
*Please note childcare will not be available.


Ladies Conference: Registration Open

Ladies, we are excited to share that registration is now open for the Ladies Conference 2021. 
In 2019 we held our Regional Ladies Conference that was transformational to all the wonderful ladies who joined us. We believe that this Mother’s Day weekend our ladies will have time to step away for a few hours to be refreshed and renewed on your special weekend.
Do not miss the 2021 Regional Ladies Conference on May 8th, 2021! 


Spring 2021 Events


His Intentions

Yesterday as we were worshiping at church the Lord spoke to my heart about His intentions for me. He asked me if I believed that His intentions for me were always good. 


As I thought about that I had to think that if I did I wouldn’t fear, I would trust that He is in control and His intentions are good for me so everything is gonna be ok. 


Do we sometimes go through things that cause us to question God’s intentions for us? 


I know I have, losing my mom, my daughter being born sick, loss of things, betrayal from people I once trusted. You know as we are going through these things we have such a hard time believing God has good intentions for us, it’s when I look back after I have come through those things that I see God’s hand at work. 


I made a decision yesterday as everyone was singing about His goodness running after them that I would choose to believe from that moment forward that God has good intentions for me and my family. His plan is good. 


No matter what this world hands us we can put our trust in The One who is still in control of our lives.


I am blessed.
– Lisa Stidham


Celebrate YOU

Sometimes do we feel guiltier for what we are not more than we feel thankful for what we are?

We see all kinds of ladies doing all kinds of things that maybe aren’t our thing… We allow thoughts to come in about how we should be cooking like her, cleaning like her, her house is perfect, or whatever we see in someone else. 

Today I’d like to remind you to celebrate who YOU are. YOU are created to be and do the things God chose especially for you. 

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:13-14 

So today we will trust that He did a great job making us into the ladies that we are. 

We will rejoice in who we are and praise Him for all He is doing through us and in us. 
-Lisa Stidham



Do things in your life seem to be scattered right now? 

Ezekiel 37 tells us about a valley of dry (scattered) bones. That’s all they were until God steps in. We see God asking the prophet a question, “Can these bones live?” The prophet replied, “O Lord God you know!” Then comes the part where the prophet had to put his faith into action. He was told to prophesy to the bones. Then he did as he was told. Then there was a rattling…before the miracle was a rattling. 

We all know this story and now I want to share with you what God showed me last night. We all have scattered dreams, things, stuff.  We don’t always give them over to the Lord, sometimes we hold onto our (bones) hoping we can figure out how to put them all back together. God wants us to give it ALL to him. He loves us and wants to help us in our times of need. When we do give it to him there may be a time of rattling before we see anything happening. 
Have you ever been driving in your car and something is rattling? Usually, Greg will pull over and find it because he just can’t take the noise of it. We may mistake the rattling as something that is not good when actually it is a lining up of things. God rattled these bones and lined them up before they fell into place. We play a part in this. We must speak to our (bones). We must stop speaking negatively over them. We must start saying what we believe God is saying about them. Do we believe it? Then we must line our mouths with his word and speak before we see anything. Speak over them while they sleep, anoint their car, pray over their pillow, declare the word of the Lord over whatever your situation is and watch our God move. Listening for a rattle. 
Our hope is not lost! We serve a might God and He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can think or imagine. 
Let’s believe with Him.
Lisa Stidham


Ladies Conference 2019

You are warmly invited and welcomed to attend the FREE 2019 Regional Ladies Conference hosted by Community Church at Hackleburg on Saturday March 2, 2019! We are blessed to have an anointed women of God as our special guest, Pastor Sharon Farruggia and the Harvest Worship Team from Knoxville, Tennessee.
Register Online

We are excited for each woman to pursue and fully take on the image of God and His presence. The world marks women with many labels that the daughters of God were never designed to wear, but Christ wants us to live permanently marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit.  

Together, we will draw strength, form and renew friendships and worship freely for a day that we believe will mark us in His image throughout eternity.

To help us prepare for you, please pre-register by using the link below. Again, there is no registration fee for this Conference. This is a free event, and all offerings collected will be applied to the guest ministry team and Conference expenses.
*Please note childcare will not be available.
Sharon Farruggia Bio
Pastor Sharon, originally from New York, serves as associate pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship Church of God of Prophecy in Knoxville, Tennessee, and also serves in other areas of women’s ministry, youth ministry, outreach ministry and a rapidly growing mentoring program extending beyond regional boundaries of her city and state. She is often a guest speaker in conferences and revivals all over the south and beyond. 
Doors will open at 9:30 AM and light refreshments will be available in the lobby as you arrive.  Session One will begin at 10:00 AM, followed by a delicious free lunch, then Session Two with dismissal by 4:00 p.m.   
Food: There will be a wonderful lunch on campus during the lunch break and coffee and pastries as you arrive to check in.
For more information
Regional Ladies Conference Director: Maria West
Text/cell phone: 256-348-4697