COVID19 Response: Mask Ordinance 7/17/2020

Over the last few weeks, our state and specifically our region have had an increase in COVID19 cases making this virus very near and real to our community. This past week our Governor, Kay Ivey, updated the previous order to include face mask or face coverings to be worn in public. This is not to protect you but to reduce (regardless of how little or much it does) the spread of this virus so we can continue to live our lives.
In the last few weeks, our services have been powerful as we have seen people saved and baptized in water. We are working to ensure our continued ability to meet on campus. It is with that heart that our Next Steps Team and our Pastoral Team are in agreement with our State Overseer, Bishop Brian Sutton that Community Church will comply as we have with all previous orders to the mask and face coverings on campus starting this Sunday, July 19th through July 31st (two weeks). We are and will continue to evaluate how to respond week by week to this pandemic to keep our church family and community as safe as possible. 
Facemask will be available as you enter the building if you need one. If you decide to join us online as others have done out of choice, we respect that personal decision and support you. For those who come on campus to worship, we will exercise the heart of Jesus by being willing to lay down our opinions or wishes for others. This is true love and we love our church, community, and beyond. As a church family, we want to serve our community by doing all we can to diminish, reduce, and protect our fellow neighbors. 
We will be very attentive to the order of service and the length of service due to the newness of this order and its physical discomfort. Our heart to serve others will continue to drive us in this hour. Let us all join together in unity to love God, love one another, and pursue our mission to Impact our Community, Region, and World for Jesus. 
In our concerns and even at times confusion, God is working on your behalf. He is moving His purpose forward for HIs Church. Let us look up to where our help comes from. Let us take comfort for our redemption draws closer. These things should not distract us but focus us. Let us be excited to see what God is going to do for His advancement of His Kingdom.