COVID19 Response: Next Steps 5/13/2020

Next Steps Announcement:

These last two months have been different and challenging for our leadership and our congregation. We are so blessed to have seen the church never closed or stopped but simply continue in a different method. It is in the challenge and the difficulty that we historically have seen the greatest moves of God. As in the days of the early church gathering where and how they could, we see a great move and spreading of the gospel. I am expecting nothing less.

Our Next Steps Plan is one our pastoral team feels is the wise and responsible approach but also the one the Holy Spirit is leading us into. 

Step 1: Children, Youth, and Seniors

Because our children, youth, and seniors are SO important to us, we want to focus on them at this time. We will gather to serve our seniors with care packs, our children will receive a hand-delivered goodie pack, and our youth will be gathering for fellowship in the coming weeks. These groups are not something we say are important, we believe it and practice it. We want to offer them all we can as we prepare to gather in worship.

Step 2: Gatherings

Because our gathering in fellowship and connecting in groups as a family is vital (and a core of who we are) we are going to gather together is small gatherings in several ways. We are confident this is the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

We will offer (for those who feel safe) Sunday Worship House Gatherings, Group Fellowship times, Connect Group gatherings, and more. These will all be done in a way to keep our numbers manageable and in the keeping of social distancing. Group leaders will be helping to invite individually families to these gatherings so everyone can join. Also, you can join a group gathering of your choice (just give notice so we can plan for you). These groups will allow for fellowship, prayer, and to reconnect us and share life together. This is going to be POWERFUL.
Prayer Gatherings: To help connect us and to serve one another, we will also have roaming Monday night prayer. For those who would like for us to drop by their home and pray from the front yard or porch, we will do so on Monday night. Teams will meet at homes and then travel to others. We will also continue a segment online for those who want to join in this way. The home is central to our spiritual life and we want to pray for your family and home.


Step 3: On-Site Worship Services

We are beyond excited that our first on-campus Sunday Worship Service will be on Pentecost Sunday.

The birth of the church, were over 2000 where saved, was on Pentecost. This day in history that the followers of Jesus had been seemingly paused and wondering what was going to happen was the day the church rose in a defining moment. There is no more fitting time for us to join together on-campus to worship and praise our King and to hear His Word as it will be on Pentecost Sunday, May 31st. We are believing for a defining moment of His Spirit that morning. As we do we will also be having a Sunday Night Pentecost Outpouring Service with a special guest minister, Pastor Neal Wright. The church WILL rise like never before! 

Our on-campus services are going to allow you to unite with other believers in worship and receiving the Word. However, with the removal of every other row, isles expanded to 6 feet and households sitting together and leaving 6 feet to their left or right not to mention having to not congregate in the common areas, we will miss the joy of our connecting in fellowship. 

Other Details: 

Lastly and equally important is our heart to Serve. We are here to Serve not only our church family but our community. We are asking all our groups to find a way your group can serve over these next couple of weeks together. We will be helping share and communicate these needs not only in the next few weeks but moving forward. 

We are not a group of people with common beliefs who gather in a building for an appointment like a social club, We are HIS church. We are living, breathing, and active. These challenges have not and will not make us weaker but will make us stronger. They will not stop God’s Purpose but refocus us on His Purpose. We are excited to see all God can and will do as we embrace these steps of our response to this unique and challenging time. We ask you to not just accept these next steps but to embrace them with hope, expectations, and joy. As we do, we release the fullness of God’s Spirit upon our church family and our mission will be renewed and Empowered.