Easter 2021

Come Experience Easter at Community Church! 

Easter is always a special time of the year and the most important celebration we have each year. Celebrating our Risen Savior and the sacrifice of His life in death for us. What Love Jesus has for us! 

We always seek to make Easter special for our guests and our church family. This year is no exception. We will have a power-filled time of worship that this year will include worship of communion. Pastor Josh will be sharing a special Easter Word that will impact not only the unsaved, or our guests, but everyone. We will also have an area for families to gather for their Easter family photos and we will be providing printed versions the following Sunday for each one. 

Community Kids will be having a special Easter Celebration as well. Once our kids arrive and sign in they will go back to our Kid’s Church for a mix of music, games, cotton candy, an Easter lesson, crafts, and more. After service, everyone will gather to watch our Kids have their Easter Egg Hunt. 


Do not miss anything this Easter! We are believing in a special and life-changing day as Christ tears away everything that keeps us from a full life in Christ.