His Intentions

Yesterday as we were worshiping at church the Lord spoke to my heart about His intentions for me. He asked me if I believed that His intentions for me were always good. 


As I thought about that I had to think that if I did I wouldn’t fear, I would trust that He is in control and His intentions are good for me so everything is gonna be ok. 


Do we sometimes go through things that cause us to question God’s intentions for us? 


I know I have, losing my mom, my daughter being born sick, loss of things, betrayal from people I once trusted. You know as we are going through these things we have such a hard time believing God has good intentions for us, it’s when I look back after I have come through those things that I see God’s hand at work. 


I made a decision yesterday as everyone was singing about His goodness running after them that I would choose to believe from that moment forward that God has good intentions for me and my family. His plan is good. 


No matter what this world hands us we can put our trust in The One who is still in control of our lives.


I am blessed.
– Lisa Stidham