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Calling Group Leaders-Fall 2020

Can you take prayer request? Or play a DVD?
If so you could be a Connect Group leader this fall! 
Connect Groups are our place to get together in small groups to share in life. Groups can gather a variety of ways and for a variety of things. There is no better time than right now to help our church family and others connect in small groups to share life. 
What and how do group leaders need to gather with their groups?
1) Meet weekly online (zoom or another format) 2) Meet in person or 3) a hybrid of the two (example: Meet weekly online and then monthly for an activity)
Do I need a book or material to do a study on to lead a group?
NO! While it is ok to use books or materials to do a study, it is not required. One of the most effective small groups we have known is one that had two simple objectives each time. One, they ask if anyone had a prayer need and then they prayed for each one. This lasted only a few minutes many times (and longer on occasion). Secondly, they shared “how has your life/week been so far?” Simply it was “Prayer and Share.” It does not hurt to have some food and maybe a simple activity (games or something to do if the sharing is limited). 
What are some activities I could do? 
  • We have had golf groups, hiking groups, prayer groups, and more.
  • You could do outreach or serving activities as a group for those in need.
  • You could do a book or Bible study. 
  • You could watch (online or in-person) a study taught by another teacher- DVD for example.
  • You could do a sermon discussion group. Discuss what God spoke to you in that week’s sermon, how you are applying it, and what questions you had. (This is a great group to become “doers of God’s Word .. not just hearers”)  
Please reach out to Pastor Josh with more questions, to sign up or to share an idea. Call his phone 205-935-3549 (ext. 103 and it will even ring his cell if he is out of the office) or email him at 
You can be a group leader!!


His Intentions

Yesterday as we were worshiping at church the Lord spoke to my heart about His intentions for me. He asked me if I believed that His intentions for me were always good. 


As I thought about that I had to think that if I did I wouldn’t fear, I would trust that He is in control and His intentions are good for me so everything is gonna be ok. 


Do we sometimes go through things that cause us to question God’s intentions for us? 


I know I have, losing my mom, my daughter being born sick, loss of things, betrayal from people I once trusted. You know as we are going through these things we have such a hard time believing God has good intentions for us, it’s when I look back after I have come through those things that I see God’s hand at work. 


I made a decision yesterday as everyone was singing about His goodness running after them that I would choose to believe from that moment forward that God has good intentions for me and my family. His plan is good. 


No matter what this world hands us we can put our trust in The One who is still in control of our lives.


I am blessed.
– Lisa Stidham


School Supply Drive Thru

In just a few days our students will be headed back to school. We want to help make sure they have the supplies they need to be successful in the classroom. On Tuesday 8/18 from 5pm – 7pm we will have a school supply drive thru where supplies can be picked up. We are located at 9700 Hwy 172, across the street from the school.
Supplies are general (folders, pencils, paper, calculators, binders, etc.) and will be divided into backpacks and given out per student. Similar to the food distribution previously done by the school, we ask that your student be with you in the car.

We understand that high school students are not allowed to have backpacks this year.

We have binders available for them.
If we have any supplies left over they will be given to the school and available through the counselor’s office. If you have any questions please contact Pastor David

Please keep our students, teachers and administrators in your prayers throughout this school year. It will certainly be challenging, but with the help and support of our great community, it will be an amazing year!!


**Each year Community Church collects backpacks and supplies for our students in honor of our dear friend Nancy McCarley. Nancy was a giver! She made sure no one went without. We are proud to honor and remember her in these efforts.**


Celebrate YOU

Sometimes do we feel guiltier for what we are not more than we feel thankful for what we are?

We see all kinds of ladies doing all kinds of things that maybe aren’t our thing… We allow thoughts to come in about how we should be cooking like her, cleaning like her, her house is perfect, or whatever we see in someone else. 

Today I’d like to remind you to celebrate who YOU are. YOU are created to be and do the things God chose especially for you. 

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:13-14 

So today we will trust that He did a great job making us into the ladies that we are. 

We will rejoice in who we are and praise Him for all He is doing through us and in us. 
-Lisa Stidham



Do things in your life seem to be scattered right now? 

Ezekiel 37 tells us about a valley of dry (scattered) bones. That’s all they were until God steps in. We see God asking the prophet a question, “Can these bones live?” The prophet replied, “O Lord God you know!” Then comes the part where the prophet had to put his faith into action. He was told to prophesy to the bones. Then he did as he was told. Then there was a rattling…before the miracle was a rattling. 

We all know this story and now I want to share with you what God showed me last night. We all have scattered dreams, things, stuff.  We don’t always give them over to the Lord, sometimes we hold onto our (bones) hoping we can figure out how to put them all back together. God wants us to give it ALL to him. He loves us and wants to help us in our times of need. When we do give it to him there may be a time of rattling before we see anything happening. 
Have you ever been driving in your car and something is rattling? Usually, Greg will pull over and find it because he just can’t take the noise of it. We may mistake the rattling as something that is not good when actually it is a lining up of things. God rattled these bones and lined them up before they fell into place. We play a part in this. We must speak to our (bones). We must stop speaking negatively over them. We must start saying what we believe God is saying about them. Do we believe it? Then we must line our mouths with his word and speak before we see anything. Speak over them while they sleep, anoint their car, pray over their pillow, declare the word of the Lord over whatever your situation is and watch our God move. Listening for a rattle. 
Our hope is not lost! We serve a might God and He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can think or imagine. 
Let’s believe with Him.
Lisa Stidham


School Supply Drive

In just a few short weeks school will be starting back and our students need our help. For the last couple of years Community Church has hosted a backpack and supply drive for Hackleburg Elementary School in honor of our beloved sister Nancy McCarley. Sister Nancy was such a giver and made sure that no one went without. This year, the school has let us know that they have several backpacks. They will still need a few, but the bigger need is for supplies. In addition to normal school supplies they are in need of sanitizing supplies such as Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer.


Here are a few suggested items:

Number 2 Pencils
Cap Top Erasers
Composition Notebooks
Glue Sticks
Notebook Paper
Plastic Folders
3 Ring Binders
Color Copy Paper
Construction Paper
Zipper Pouches for Binders
Headphones / Earbuds
Expo Marker

Lysol Wipes
Lysol Spray
Hand Sanitizer


Items can be dropped off at the church anytime. There is a table under the overpass between the buildings where they can be left or there will be a table in the lobby Sunday.

All items donated will be sanitized before distribution or delivery to the school.

Thank you so much for your help! Please continue to pray for our students, teachers and administrators as they begin a new school year in such a challenging time.

If you have any questions please contact Pastor David.


COVID19 Response: Mask Ordinance 7/17/2020

Over the last few weeks, our state and specifically our region have had an increase in COVID19 cases making this virus very near and real to our community. This past week our Governor, Kay Ivey, updated the previous order to include face mask or face coverings to be worn in public. This is not to protect you but to reduce (regardless of how little or much it does) the spread of this virus so we can continue to live our lives.
In the last few weeks, our services have been powerful as we have seen people saved and baptized in water. We are working to ensure our continued ability to meet on campus. It is with that heart that our Next Steps Team and our Pastoral Team are in agreement with our State Overseer, Bishop Brian Sutton that Community Church will comply as we have with all previous orders to the mask and face coverings on campus starting this Sunday, July 19th through July 31st (two weeks). We are and will continue to evaluate how to respond week by week to this pandemic to keep our church family and community as safe as possible. 
Facemask will be available as you enter the building if you need one. If you decide to join us online as others have done out of choice, we respect that personal decision and support you. For those who come on campus to worship, we will exercise the heart of Jesus by being willing to lay down our opinions or wishes for others. This is true love and we love our church, community, and beyond. As a church family, we want to serve our community by doing all we can to diminish, reduce, and protect our fellow neighbors. 
We will be very attentive to the order of service and the length of service due to the newness of this order and its physical discomfort. Our heart to serve others will continue to drive us in this hour. Let us all join together in unity to love God, love one another, and pursue our mission to Impact our Community, Region, and World for Jesus. 
In our concerns and even at times confusion, God is working on your behalf. He is moving His purpose forward for HIs Church. Let us look up to where our help comes from. Let us take comfort for our redemption draws closer. These things should not distract us but focus us. Let us be excited to see what God is going to do for His advancement of His Kingdom. 


One-Day Youth Camps

Our summer youth camps normally held in June were canceled due to COVID-19. Currently, our state youth camp ministry team is working to provide one-day youth camps for our camps. ONLINE registration is available HERE You MUST register online.  Registering will issue a “ticket” for you. The cost is $45 per camper which includes a free t-shirt. Check-in is at 9:00 AM and pick-up is 4:00 PM. Registration is limited to 100 campers per camp. 
Please review the information regarding safety measures put in place.
Collegiate Camp
Ages 15-19
Saturday, August 8
Senior Camp
Ages 11-14
Saturday, August 15
Discovery Camp
Ages 6-10
Saturday, August 22
Follow the link to register today. HERE


Global Simulcast Address

Saturday, July 11th our Global Church will gather online for a Global Simulcast from our International Offices. Songs, memories, appointments, and a Global Address from our General Overseer, Bishop Sam Clements.
You can watch online at COGOP and on Facebook.

The LIVE Global Address from the general overseer and greetings from all seven general presbyters will be broadcast THIS Saturday, July 11, at 10 a.m. (with bonus pre-show beginning at 9:40) Eastern (US) time. It can be viewed on this page and on the Church website,

You will hear special music from all over the world as well as exciting announcements and confirmation of appointments! Join your COGOP family in this inspirational praise and worship experience. See you Saturday!



Summer Youth Camp News

Our summer youth camps normally held in June were canceled due to COVID-19. Currently, our state youth camp ministry team is working to provide one-day youth camps for our camps. Today opens online registration for campers. You MUST register online. The cost is $45 per camper which includes a free t-shirt. Registration is at 9:00 AM and pick-up is 4:00 PM. Registration is limited to 10o per camp. 
Please review the information regarding safety measures put in place.
Collegiate Camp
Ages 15-19
Saturday, August 8
Senior Camp
Ages 11-14
Saturday, August 15
Discovery Camp
Ages 6-10
Saturday, August 22
Follow the link to register today. HERE