Pentecost Sunday: 5/31/2020

Join Us for Pentecost Sunday, May 31st as we open up our on campus and in the building church service. This is a spectacular day to join back together in one place. The historic day that the church was birthed in Jerusalem over 2000 years ago. It was this day that the Promise of the Holy Spirit was received. The followers of Jesus (around 120) received POWER from God almighty. Peter preached a sermon heard across the area and 3000 were saved that day. What a day to celebrate the New Church launching and our return to the building.
We will join together at 10 AM with all precautions being taken and instructions by our Impact Teams to help you stay safe. Beyond those elements is the work the Holy Spirit is doing in this hour and is ready to do when we join together. That evening at 5:30 PM Bishop Neal Wright will join us to preach on the Power of the Holy Spirit.
God has ordained a special day for sure. This will be a defining moment if we will embrace it. It will define you, your family, and our church.. Are you ready?