“You are Loved” Groups

We are preparing to launch our Groups for the spring unlike any we have done before. We are heading the call of the Lord to a “Revival of Love” by centering every group around acts of love. These “You are Loved” Groups will come together as groups no larger than 20-25 to share about their opportunities to love, to pray for one another, and lastly but most importantly to go love on others as a group. These “You are Loved” Groups will find small acts of kindness and love they can do. This can range from mowing a yard to preparing a meal, to washing a car and anything else the groups can imagine doing to say “You are Loved.”

If you are ready to step out and begin to love like never before then sign up to lead a group this Sunday. Get ready we are about to see God’s Spirit work through this body like never before as we obey His call to Love like never before.
Heart of “You are Loved” Groups
The heart of the “You are Loved” Groups comes from our call this year of the Lord. In 2021 the Lord has called us to love greater than anything else we do. Our world all the way down to our community is in need of something that can unify us and bring our hearts back to what the Lord calls us to do and be His Children. That thing is nothing short of the very identity of Christ, Love. We are called to a Revival greater than anything we have ever imagined. A “Revival of Love!” Pastor Josh has shared for four weeks on the heart of this call from God’s Word, only scratching the surface of what is fully in God’s Word.

This call to a “Revival of Love” is more than a service or a series of teaching, but something we must put into action. We want to hear and obey the voice of the Spirit by not only accepting this call individually and as families but in our church schedule and activities. We are heading the voice of the Spirit by enacting acts of love and kindness through the “You are Loved” cards and now the groups for our spring session.