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United in Prayer: Day 1

Church family, I am excited as we begin this first day “United in Prayer.” As we connect to God in new ways personally, we will become more united in His purpose for His church. Enjoy and let this prayer directive and devotion by April Price point us to a United Prayer.

Pastor Josh

As we begin the next ten days in prayer and fasting, let us choose to let God in. That seems so simple, but almost always so easily overlooked. We all need time to be “tucked away” with God–to spend time with the Father not asking or necessarily praying for anything, or things, but allowing God to work in our hearts and surface things that need to be dealt with. Those things that we know and those things we do not know about–But bringing to the surface things to be dealt with before moving forward and fully into His purpose and plans. So today, Day 1, take time to decree that the next ten days are His. Ask God to show you what you need to see, and hear, to reveal what needs to be revealed about you and your relationship with the Father. 

Let’s choose to close the door to the outside noise and focus on the inside–our hearts– our relationship with God. 

Matt. 6:6 Jesus tells us to go into our most private room and close the door. 

  • Matthew 6:6 NLT “But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.”

To me, this is a time you pick to set aside to be with Him where you can “close the door“. It’s a time where there are the fewest distractions in your day–a time you can truly focus. Find your “most private room,” and spend time tucked away. 

I encourage you to get a notebook–or a way to keep notes. If you think of something, “out of the blue”, a person, a situation, something your dealing or have dealt with–write it down. All will be for a purpose remember we are praying and asking God to bring to the surface. Sometimes we don’t even know all the things we push to the bottom of our hearts over the years, but God has a way of getting it to come up and He can deal with it and clean our hearts.

When we step out to meet God sincerely with our whole heart, He steps out and meets us right where we are. He speaks to us! Be expecting it! 

David found his most private room with God and God would show up. David said in Psalm 5:3, In the morning I prepare a prayer, a sacrifice for You and watch and wait for You to speak to my heart. 

April Price


Prayer Starter

Father, I come to you today and ask you to help me to find the time and a place to step aside and just be with you without any agenda or wants. I declare over my life that these 10 days will be a time to be with you more than my wants or needs. God show me what I need to see, hear, and understand. Reveal to me what I need to know and what I need to know you greater. Let me see our relationship as it truly is and let me grow in my relationship with you and not just about you. Let me be still in your presence and listen more than I speak.. I am here. I am concentrating and dedicating this time to be with you.  



Today’s Bible Reading for The One Year Bible.

(Scroll down to the date with the verses listed for the link to with the scriptures.)
For other plans or tools to assist you in reading your Bible this year go HERE


COVID19 Response: Next Steps 5/13/2020

Next Steps Announcement:

These last two months have been different and challenging for our leadership and our congregation. We are so blessed to have seen the church never closed or stopped but simply continue in a different method. It is in the challenge and the difficulty that we historically have seen the greatest moves of God. As in the days of the early church gathering where and how they could, we see a great move and spreading of the gospel. I am expecting nothing less.

Our Next Steps Plan is one our pastoral team feels is the wise and responsible approach but also the one the Holy Spirit is leading us into. 

Step 1: Children, Youth, and Seniors

Because our children, youth, and seniors are SO important to us, we want to focus on them at this time. We will gather to serve our seniors with care packs, our children will receive a hand-delivered goodie pack, and our youth will be gathering for fellowship in the coming weeks. These groups are not something we say are important, we believe it and practice it. We want to offer them all we can as we prepare to gather in worship.

Step 2: Gatherings

Because our gathering in fellowship and connecting in groups as a family is vital (and a core of who we are) we are going to gather together is small gatherings in several ways. We are confident this is the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

We will offer (for those who feel safe) Sunday Worship House Gatherings, Group Fellowship times, Connect Group gatherings, and more. These will all be done in a way to keep our numbers manageable and in the keeping of social distancing. Group leaders will be helping to invite individually families to these gatherings so everyone can join. Also, you can join a group gathering of your choice (just give notice so we can plan for you). These groups will allow for fellowship, prayer, and to reconnect us and share life together. This is going to be POWERFUL.
Prayer Gatherings: To help connect us and to serve one another, we will also have roaming Monday night prayer. For those who would like for us to drop by their home and pray from the front yard or porch, we will do so on Monday night. Teams will meet at homes and then travel to others. We will also continue a segment online for those who want to join in this way. The home is central to our spiritual life and we want to pray for your family and home.


Step 3: On-Site Worship Services

We are beyond excited that our first on-campus Sunday Worship Service will be on Pentecost Sunday.

The birth of the church, were over 2000 where saved, was on Pentecost. This day in history that the followers of Jesus had been seemingly paused and wondering what was going to happen was the day the church rose in a defining moment. There is no more fitting time for us to join together on-campus to worship and praise our King and to hear His Word as it will be on Pentecost Sunday, May 31st. We are believing for a defining moment of His Spirit that morning. As we do we will also be having a Sunday Night Pentecost Outpouring Service with a special guest minister, Pastor Neal Wright. The church WILL rise like never before! 

Our on-campus services are going to allow you to unite with other believers in worship and receiving the Word. However, with the removal of every other row, isles expanded to 6 feet and households sitting together and leaving 6 feet to their left or right not to mention having to not congregate in the common areas, we will miss the joy of our connecting in fellowship. 

Other Details: 

Lastly and equally important is our heart to Serve. We are here to Serve not only our church family but our community. We are asking all our groups to find a way your group can serve over these next couple of weeks together. We will be helping share and communicate these needs not only in the next few weeks but moving forward. 

We are not a group of people with common beliefs who gather in a building for an appointment like a social club, We are HIS church. We are living, breathing, and active. These challenges have not and will not make us weaker but will make us stronger. They will not stop God’s Purpose but refocus us on His Purpose. We are excited to see all God can and will do as we embrace these steps of our response to this unique and challenging time. We ask you to not just accept these next steps but to embrace them with hope, expectations, and joy. As we do, we release the fullness of God’s Spirit upon our church family and our mission will be renewed and Empowered. 


COVID19 Response: Connect Groups

COVID19 Response: Spring Connect Groups

While our Connect Gropus are not meeting in person, they are thriving in spite of not coming together in person. We had people join in online that usually do not in person. Here is the most recent updates on what Groups are coming together and how. It will include links to any information or methods of connection. 

If you need help with any technology, please let us know. 


Couples Group: Ronnie and Cynthia Stidham
Wednesday night at 7:00 PM
Zoom Online Meeting
Preferred: To join in video and audio:
Phone in Audio: +13126266799,,553483921# (One Click) 
Or Call: 312-626-6799 and enter the Meeting ID when promoted of: 553 483 921
Facebook Group: Click HERE
Weekly Live (from Zoom Meeting) and ongoing weekly discussions. 
To join the group, please send us a message on Facebook or message Ronnie or Cythnia on Facebook. 
Bible Study: 1 Samuel & Romans: Daryl Weatherly and Charlotte Dollar
Wednesday night at 7:00 PM
Zoom Online Meeting
Preferred: To join in video and audio:
Phone in Audio: +13126266799,,604941073#  (One Click) 
Or Call: 312-626-6799 and enter the Meeting ID when promoted of: 604 941 073
Facebook Group: Click HERE
Weekly Live (from Zoom Meeting) and ongoing weekly discussions. 
To join the group, please send us a message on Facebook.
Men’s Living Life Together: Joey Stults
Wednesday night at 6:00 PM
Zoom Online Meeting
Preferred: To join in video and audio:
Phone in Audio: +13126266799,,263934730# (One Click) 
Or Call: 312-626-6799 and enter the Meeting ID when promoted of: 263 934 730
Facebook Group: Click HERE
Weekly Live (from Zoom Meeting) and ongoing weekly discussions. 
To join the group, please send us a message on Facebook or message Joey on Facebook. 
Men’s Prayer Group: Greg Stidham
Tuesday night at 7:00 PM
Zoom Online Meeting
Preferred: To join in video and audio:
Phone in Audio: +13126266799,,214747887# (One Click) 
Or Call: 312-626-6799 and enter the Meeting ID when promoted of: 214-747-887
Facebook Group: Click HERE
Weekly Live (from Zoom Meeting) and ongoing weekly discussions. 
To join the group, please send us a message on Facebook. 
Brave Girls (Young Ladies): Cynthia Stidham 
Monday night at 6:00 PM
Zoom Online Meeting
Preferred: To join in video and audio:
Phone in Audio: +13126266799,,263934730# (One Click) 
Or Call: 312-626-6799 and enter the Meeting ID when promoted of: 453-9538-397
Facebook Group: Click HERE
Weekly Live (from Zoom Meeting) and ongoing weekly discussions. 
To join the group, please send us a message on Facebook or message Joey on Facebook. 
Monday Night Intercessory Prayer: Pastor Josh and Leaders
Monday night at 7:00 PM
Zoom Online Meeting
Preferred: To join in video and audio:
Phone in Audio: +13126266799,,214747887# (One Click) 
Or Call: 312-626-6799 and enter the Meeting ID when promoted of: 866 284 390
Facebook Live: Our main page:
Weekly zoom and live prayer time. We will take prayer request from all post and messages. As well, those in the Zoom meeting will be able to share and particpate in the prayer meeting.


CG Spring 2020


COVID19 Response: 3/17/20

COVID19 Update: 3/17/20

As the church, it is Biblical and important for us to gather together. However, the weekly gathering together is but a small part of what the church, the Body of Christ, is all about. It is this fact that gives us comfort and assurance that we can make difficult decisions in times like the present. In accordance with both federal restrictions and guidelines and to our state church guidance, we will move to all online church actives and at this time will NOT have any on-campus services, Connect Groups or other actives. With the blessings of technology, we will still be able to stay connected through the week and participate in corporate worship. We will continue our online weekend Sunday AM service. As well, most of our recently launched Connect Groups will have an online presence with Facebook groups with weekly live videos and ongoing discussions to stay connected and continue to learn, grow, and live our life together in faith. 

You will be able to stay updated and find a common connection on our website: of what and how we are handing all activities online with links and times of meetings. Of course, we will use Facebook as well, but sometimes posts and details can get lost in all the others. We will also be setting up a call-in option for those who do not have the internet or access at the time of services. We will also provide points of devotion online, a time of weekly prayer and other ways to help you Connect, Grow, and Serve during this time regardless of how long or short it lasts. 

Community Church’s very name is to serve our community and impact in a positive way. We are and will continue to reach out to our community. To our students who depend on us for CHOW bags each weekend, we will continue to help provide that to you as well as other food you may need. However, we need you to contact us so we can work to get you the food. WE have food bags packed and ready. We also have offered to pick up and deliver food and supplies from the market for you. Or we can pick you up to take you for the seniors hour at the Market or Dollar General from 6-7. Just call us or message us so we can arrange it. 

During this time, as the church services look different, please know that the ministry is carrying on. You can fulfill your tithing and giving commitment to the Lord in several ways. You can go online to, You can text any amount to 84321 and then follow instructions. You can download the app Church Center and put in our zip code of 35564 and select Community Church, then set up the giving. You can also mail it to PO Box 100 Hackleburg, AL 35564. In this time, we have an even greater opportunity to make an Impact in our Community, please continue to give in this most critical time. Thank you for partnering in the work of Jesus. 

This situation is something we have never seen and it is very fluid. We will continue to watch, listen, and make decisions and adjustments with what we know and understand at the time. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we seek to serve and care for all people during this time. We pray this situation is resolved quickly. Yet, regardless of how and what happens, Community Church and our pastoral team are committed to seeing the Body of Christ shine brighter than any other time in history. It is not time to take a spiritual vacation but to engage in what Jesus would be doing if He was here today. Help us be Jesus to our community and beyond. Jesus’ Mission has not changed, but we are faced with a different situation to find a way to do His Mission. Let us strive to be the Church of the Book of Acts in the world of 2020 for the Glory of God!

Thank you and God Bless you.

Pastor Joshua Lynn and Staff


COVID19 Response: 3/14/20

COVID19 Response: 3/14/20

We want to address the developing issue of the COVID-19 virus and its effect on us to let you know we are doing everything we can to be safe and wise. First and foremost, the cornerstone of our faith continues to be our total reliance on the Lord and His Promises. To our congregation who attend in person in Hackleburg, to our internet followers who watch and actively participate online, and to our community in Hackleburg to whom we serve, we give you this scripture to firmly stand upon in any time of trial or uncertainty:

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains tremble at its swelling.” Psalm 46:1-3

We stand fearless in the face of what is before us, with God on our side. We also want to use WISDOM during this time. We have plans to continue our services as planned so that we can seek God in prayer, worship together, and be encouraged by God’s Word. We will also participate in a time of prayer to join our nation in the President’s call to a Day of Prayer. We want you to know we do not take your health and well-being light and have implemented the following to further protect you and your family:

  • Common areas, doorknobs, and touch surfaces have been disinfected before and after service.
  • The main bathrooms have sanitation stations at the door.
  • Sanitation at the children’s check-in will be available.
  • We are seeking extra sanitizers to be available in all children’s areas and in the lobby area.

If you are sick, we ask that you use your judgment in protecting the elderly, and medically vulnerable by participating in our services online at As well, please let us know so we can pray for you in your time of need.

We encourage everyone to take this opportunity to show the love of Christ to your neighbor and those around you. While you may not have anyone in your family that is affected, there may be those who do become sick. Our church will continue to strive to be like a beacon of light in our community. We pray that this event passes quickly, with minimum disruption, but should disruption arise, we want to be ready for what is ahead, and poised to continue to minister the Word of the Lord and make a positive Impact for Christ in all ways possible.

As the situation evolves, we will continue to update you on any changes in terms of your Community Church family. If you have a need or know of a need please let us know.

Joshua K. Lynn

Lead Pastor


Church Survey 2019

We believe God has even greater things for our church family to do for His Kingdom. Would you please take a few minutes to answer a few questions. Through prayer and your input we seek to reach greater things for His Glory! Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.
Thank you! 


Ladies Conference 2019

You are warmly invited and welcomed to attend the FREE 2019 Regional Ladies Conference hosted by Community Church at Hackleburg on Saturday March 2, 2019! We are blessed to have an anointed women of God as our special guest, Pastor Sharon Farruggia and the Harvest Worship Team from Knoxville, Tennessee.
Register Online

We are excited for each woman to pursue and fully take on the image of God and His presence. The world marks women with many labels that the daughters of God were never designed to wear, but Christ wants us to live permanently marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit.  

Together, we will draw strength, form and renew friendships and worship freely for a day that we believe will mark us in His image throughout eternity.

To help us prepare for you, please pre-register by using the link below. Again, there is no registration fee for this Conference. This is a free event, and all offerings collected will be applied to the guest ministry team and Conference expenses.
*Please note childcare will not be available.
Sharon Farruggia Bio
Pastor Sharon, originally from New York, serves as associate pastor at Harvest Christian Fellowship Church of God of Prophecy in Knoxville, Tennessee, and also serves in other areas of women’s ministry, youth ministry, outreach ministry and a rapidly growing mentoring program extending beyond regional boundaries of her city and state. She is often a guest speaker in conferences and revivals all over the south and beyond. 
Doors will open at 9:30 AM and light refreshments will be available in the lobby as you arrive.  Session One will begin at 10:00 AM, followed by a delicious free lunch, then Session Two with dismissal by 4:00 p.m.   
Food: There will be a wonderful lunch on campus during the lunch break and coffee and pastries as you arrive to check in.
For more information
Regional Ladies Conference Director: Maria West
Text/cell phone: 256-348-4697


Refuge Youth Summer 2018

Stay Tuned for Summer activities for Refuge!