Building the Church in the Dominican Project Update

Thank you so much for giving towards the Church building project in La Romana, Dominican Republic.  Because of your faithful support, earlier this year the church was able to construct a temporary roof and begin work on the bathrooms. Also, they were able to install several windows and doors. This allowed them to begin meeting in the building!

While this is great news, there is still much work to be done. In recent months, several elements of the project had to be put on hold as they worked to address the global pandemic. Financial resources had to be redirected to meet immediate needs. This left the bathrooms incomplete and some work remaining on the temporary roof.

Pastor Juan Pablo shared, “When Covid-19 arrived, we had to stop the work of fixing the ceiling and doing the septic of the bathroom and with the money that we had to help the members and some neighbors of the Church most in need. One side of the ceiling was left unfinished to fix and the septic of the bathroom.”

We want to help them take care of these issues as soon as possible. The immediate need is approximately $3000 for the bathrooms and repairs of some spots leaking on the roof. With the Lord’s help, this is a need I believe we can address quickly. Also, in the coming months, we want to work towards the next major step in the project of pouring the permanent ceiling for the first floor. The cost of this step is approximately $50,000. This will serve as the roof until the construction of the second floor is complete.

Church family, this is the definition of “fertile soil” of which we can sow. As they work to build the building of the church, they are consistently caring for the members and those less fortunate. We ask that you continue to pray and give. The Lord has entrusted us with much. What will we do with it?